Employee Assessments

Employee Assessments are an incredibly time and cost effective way for your people to gain a deeper awareness of themselves and their teammates. They also allow their managers to connect with them at a new level.  This connection is the foundation of engagement and ultimately DRIVES personal and business results. This is Connection Through Awareness in Action!

Employee Assessments, Employee Data

Employee Assessments, while easy and quick to administer, are scientifically and statistically valid instruments. DRIVE Engagement only employs assessments that follow the following criteria:

  • Tested & Proven
  • Globally Recognized
  • Delivered Online
  • Provides Self and Team Awareness
  • Delivers Individual Reporting, Summary and Action Items

DRIVE Engagement Training and Coaching has partnered with global leaders to CERTIFY to administer employee assessments designed to deliver  Personality, Strengths or Motivations.

All employee assessments unlock a new sense of understanding within teams have two distinct powerful results:

  1. Assessments offer individuals with an unbiased fact based tool  (maybe for the first time) that illustrates “who they are, their inherent strengths are or their motivations.  This  information allows a team member to leverage this information to become their “best selves” at work.
  2. Assessments offer teams an incredibly valuable tool for successfully positioning each member.  When we know the personality, the strengths or the motivations of each member we can develop strategy to ensure everyone is positioned for maximum satisfaction and productivity simultaneously.

Assessments offer the individual and the team an opportunity to create “Connection Through Awareness” which is critical to DRIVING Engagement.

Assessments are used in conjunction with training or Professional Development Sessions to ensure the data is used for self and team awareness and to help improve, understanding, communication, collaboration and engagement.

Myers Briggs – Personality Type Indicator® Assessment – Measuring 16 Personality Types

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Myers Briggs is the recognized global leader in personality assessment.  The results from the MTBI instruments have been used throughout countless organizations to enhance an understanding and common awareness of individuals and teams.

Personality type can be introduced into an organization to support many functions and situations including: increasing engagement, leadership and management enhancement skills, conflict resolution, coaching, change management, and other more customized needs.

Gallup – CliftonStrengths Assessment – Measuring 34 Strengths

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Gallup is a universally recognized leader and has set the global standard for engagement measurement and research.  In addition to the Q12 Engagement Survey, we also leverage the power of CliftonStrengths to identify a person’s natural talents and strengths. During this online assessment, participants see 177 paired statements and choose which one best describes them.

Completing the CliftonStrengths online talent assessment is the best way to:

  • Discover what people naturally do best
  • Learn how to develop their greatest talents
  • Use their customized results to live their best life

Employees who receive strengths-based development have:

  • 7%-23% higher employee engagement
  • 8%-18% increased performance
  • 20%-73% lower attrition

The CultureWorks – The Motivators Assessment – Measuring 23 Workplace Motivators

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The Motivators Assessment by The CultureWorks, is the world’s most extensive and scientific assessment designed to help individuals identify their unique blend of core motivators, enabling them to align their passions with more of what they love at work and less of what frustrates them.

Delivered as a 1-day or half-day course, participants will learn skills for enhancing:

What Motivates Me Engagement Training is included with the Motivators Assessment Program.

  • Engagement: Understand each employee’s productivity drivers and utilize them to enhance engagement, innovation, and growth.
  • Alignment: Connect every employee’s work with the organization’s vision & strategy.
  • Teamwork: Build team unity by understanding each others’ synergies, cautions, and diversities.
  • Career Development: Hold meaningful aspirational conversations to help employees build career paths and learn and grow