Employee Engagement Program Design

Employee Engagement Surveys tell us “where we are and where we need to be”.  Employee Engagement Program Design gives us “how we get there”

Employee Engagement Program Design

Teams and organizations are like fingerprints. Each is unique and requires a program is is tailored to its unique needs. When leaders dedicate time on employee engagement program design, the outcomes are greatly enhanced and sustainable.

We collaborate with leaders to design highly personalized and comprehensive employee engagement programs. Programs meet the budget, time constraints and unique structure of each organization.

We have multiple engagement solutions partners who supply us with a wide variety of world class surveys, assessments, training and coaching programs which allow us to avoid “one size fits all solutions”.

Our initial discovery meeting will determine the needs and goals of your organization. This data will be the foundation of your program and will dictate the tools and resources required.

Program solutions may be as easy as a simple survey or a professional development session or could be as complex as a comprehensive program using surveys, assessments, training and coaching program.

We pride ourselves on Rightsizing a program that is cost and time effective while delivering high levels of employee engagement and business results.

The Good News!

Program design services and specialized reporting are included when you purchase the services of DRIVE Engagement Training and Coaching.

Example: when you purchase the Q12 Survey product from DRIVE Engagement, we include two critical pieces :

  1. We deliver an in-depth Engagement report providing results of the Q12 Survey for the organization and within teams.  You can quickly see  how your scores in 12 critical areas and overall relate to others in the market.
  2. We also provide an outline of a rightsized program to reach your desired engagement results.  Given the results and the state of engagement, the program can range from very minor tweaks when engagement is high to a more robust program when engagement is challenged.

Contact us to discuss your employee engagement program design needs today!