Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are You A Consultant?

We consider ourselves a training and coaching company first and foremost.  We base our findings and recommendations on proven assessment instruments, data and research from world class partners such as Myers Briggs, Gallup and Culture Works.  Consultants often base their work on their own professional career experience and knowledge.  We feel that active Training and Coaching along with the delivery of executable data is a more effective and sustainable approach to DRIVING Engagement.

How Long Does The Process Take?

The great news is that we design our programs to start immediately.  We can get a jump start by administering the Q12 Engagement Survey.  The survey will  answer “where are we today” as it relates to engagement.  It will also provide the important data required for a effective assessment, training and coaching program.

Post survey, we work with your team on scheduling and time parameters.  We develop programs that are as a time efficient as a half day addressing one element to a full three day program covering all three elements of team awareness and engagement (personality, strengths and motivation).  Leadership Coaching, All In Culture Training and Strategic Recognition Training are also scheduled to fit today’s schedules and in parallel with the assessment and team training programs.

We Are On a Limited Time or Financial Budget, Can You Assist Us?

Absolutely.  We are structured to work with our client’s flexible budgets and often tight time frames.  We will work with you to custom design a  program that meets your Engagement needs within a reasonable budget.   If you need to add a shorter training session to a monthly, regional or national meeting, we will deliver.   Call us to discuss your requirements and your budget.  See more on our Services page

What Size Teams Do You Work With?

We design our programs for groups of any size.  A team is formed when a second person is added to the organization.  We can help DRIVE Engagement with your group no matter the size.  The concepts and processes with any team are similar as we encourage connection with the group through individual  growth and awareness.

Can You Coach Remote / Work From Home Team Members?

Yes.  Remote and travelling employees are the norm today.  While live group sessions are our preferred method, we have the capability to deliver effective training and coaching online via virtual meeting software.  While group sessions are more effective live, Individual coaching is highly effective online and meets the needs of today’s busy leaders.

Is Your Survey Assessment Work Completed Online?

Yes.  No paper required.  All of our assessments take place online and the results are delivered via email.  In other words, all of our session pre-work is automated and online.   No paper required.  This automation adds to the speed, accuracy and consolidation of the data.

Do You Offer Speaking Engagements or Professional Development Sessions?

Yes.  For companies who require a speaker’s session related to Employee Engagement, we will customize a program tailored to fit your time or group size parameters.  Speaking engagements are also interactive but do not require pre work, assessment or group work like our SATC process driven programs.

Other Questions

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any other questions you may have.  We are always here to help.