Our Engagement Process

All great strategies succeed when they follow a well planned process. Our Engagement process provides a four step process for success.

Employee Engagement, Employee Engagement Process, Measuring Employee Engagement, Employee Engagement Design, Employee Engagement Execution

Whether your organization needs a quick tune up, a more thorough review or an entirely new approach, the opportunity exists to directly impact the business results of your organization. Exciting right!

Measure – Measuring your current engagement situation both organizationally and within each team is a critical first step in the process.  If you have recently measured engagement, we can use this information.  If not, we can run a world-class engagement survey that is incredibly time and cost effective.  To learn more about our measurement tools, please visit our survey page.  Measurement can be completed effectively within 2 weeks.  This process is completed online and results received immediately.

Analyze – Analysis of data is often challenging and delivering meaning for clients is critical.  Once employee engagement is measured, we quickly analyze the data to provide context around the results. This collaborative analysis along with human intelligence is required to move to the next important phase. Analysis can be completed 2 weeks after the survey results are received.

Design – The design phase is crucial to the effective execution of an engagement strategy.  We work closely with clients to ensure that we follow deliver using the S.M.A.R.T. goal process:

S = Specific

M = Measurable

A = Achievable

R = Relevant

T = Time Based

To learn more about our Design capabilities, please click here

Execute – Execution of the plan requires the inputs and involvement of the entire organization.  Depending on the requirements which can range from no action required to a full overhaul of current efforts, we ensure that execution phase is complete with globally recognized tools and programs.  We are certified to deliver Assessments, Training and Coaching from our global leaders Gallup, Myers Briggs and The CultureWorks.