Engagement – Your Competitive Advantage

Competition has never been greater and engagement of your employees is both a substantial and sustainable competitive advantage

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Competition is stronger than ever in today’s marketplace.   All organizations feel constant pressure of competition. The days of one or two competitors in a marketplace no longer exist. Disruption and addition of new players in the market is now the norm.

This competition stretches well beyond our products and services. In the past 20 years, the competition for top talent has become as if not more challenging as the battle for market share.   Today, 30 to 70% of all employees are actively looking for alternative work.

Engagement focused organizations foster an environment in which employees can achieve their “best selves” at work. These efforts dramatically reduce the need for people to look elsewhere for opportunities and lessen the costs of replacing employees.

“It can cost up to 150% of a departing employee’s salary to replace them 
Mark Swartz – Workplace Specialist

FACT: Most of your competitors are NOT strategically focused on engagement.   They are by choice or necessity focused on process or survival. Implementing a sustainable engagement plan provides you with a distinct competitive advantage. Increased employee engagement and team retention delivers teams that are stable, productive and effective.  

As proven by Gallup, these engaged teams deliver an elevated customer experience, increased revenue and improved profitability due to decreased disruption from disengagement and turnover.

As Mark Swartz highlights, the dramatic cost savings of retention can be deployed in other areas throughout the company that require funding.

How Can You Make Engagement Your Competitive Advantage?

To ensure you are leveraging engagement as a competitive advantage please look at our process section for the sequential steps to ensure your strategy is developed using proven and tested techniques.

As you will see throughout anything we publish, DRIVE Engagement gives simple advice: Start Today! Given the cost and time effectiveness and subsequent results of a well executed engagement plan, it is a no brainer.

Your improved engagement strategy will have the top talent from your competitors lined up at your door interviews, Word of engaged workplaces hits the marketplace quickly through social media and the sites specifically dedicated the quality of a workplace like Glassdoor.  This puts additional pressure on your competition in areas not related to your product or service. When you are known as best place to work and grow in the area or in your industry, your competitors will have to spend twice as much time and money attracting talent and chances are it will not be your talent they are hiring.

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