Our Promise

As your partner, we employ the world’s best data, tools and resources to address the very real workplace challenge of employee engagement.  We promise to respect your organization’s uniqueness and only deliver solutions and programs that will move YOUR engagement needle.

DRIVE Engagement Training and Coaching focuses exclusively on the opportunity to partner with leaders dedicated to engaging their teams. We believe that maximizing human potential is the future of the workplace.

We understand that businesses cannot experience significant  disruption while DRIVING engagement.

We are flexible around your real world challenges including:

  • Time Constraints
  • Budget Limitations
  • Global and Remote Teams
  • Team Diversity Including Multicultural and Multilingual Teams
  • Technology
  • Resource Reduction – More Work Less Help
Our promise to help you engage your people is at the core of our philosophy

Given our partnerships with MBTI, Gallup and The CultureWorks, we have integrated their world class data, surveys, reporting, assessments, training and coaching programs into our customer solutions.  These partnerships provide additional confidence when making the following commitments:

  •  We connect with highly diverse global or remote teams.
  • All surveys, assessments, training and coaching sessions are built to be time flexible.
  • We deliver real time measurement of engagement levels using the world’s best engagement survey instrument.
  • Our surveys and assessments are statistically and scientifically valid and have been delivered to hundreds of thousands of participants.
  • We develop a company “fluency” around the factors that DRIVE Engagement.  We help teams move away from long held misconceptions, biases and blind spots.  We foster “fact-based” awareness.
  • Delivery of sustainable engagement and retention strategies that speak directly to the individual.  They learn to “Manage to the One”™.
  • Senior leadership consultation and involvement.

Promises are made all the time in business and unfortunately many are not kept for all sorts of reasons. We don’t expect you to simply trust us with your most valuable resource your people.

We are convinced that a 15 minute conversation with our team will prove our passion and commitment to our promise of employee engagement. Contact us today!